buggy SOLO EXHIBITION「なぜ私は他の誰かではなく、私なのか?」

10.6 fri – 10.22 sun 2023


This time, WATOWA GALLERY is pleased to present the new solo exhibition "Why am I me and not someone else?" by the artist buggy. The exhibition will be held at WATOWA GALLERY / THE BOX TOKYO from September 26th (Wed) to October 22nd (Sun), 2023.

【TITLE】buggy SOLO EXHIBITION「なぜ私は他の誰かではなく、私なのか?」
【PERIOD】10/6(金) – 10/22(日) *Opening reception party 10/6 17:00-20:00
【OPENING HOURS】11:00-19:00
*Reservations are required from Wednesday to Friday.Please make a reservation through the provided URL. Reservations are not necessary on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Please make your reservation on this page by 12:00 two days prior to your visit. As a general rule, we do not accept visitors after the deadline.
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*very Sunday is free admission day. (10/8,15,22)
*We have a donation system where visitors decide their own admission fee, starting from a minimum of 500 yen. The amount you choose will serve as a donation to support emerging artists. The contributions are donated to the WATOWA ART AWARD 2023 EXHIBITION, aimed at revitalizing the domestic art scene and supporting artists.
【EXHIBITION URL】https://watowagallery.com/buggy_watowa_2023/


The Chrome series juxtaposes faces and expressions – vital factors that constitutes a portrait, a portrait– through layers of human warmth or the organicness with inorganic matters absent of living nature, such as medium, resin, or silver paint. It thus revokes the true nature and the essential qualities of the subject by covering it with multi-layered semi-solids where the reflections further complexify the space, and causes a change in the cognition and the perception of the viewers; it draws them into chaos, by creating a disorder in which all of these factors entwines and interacts with each other. Moreover, the covered expressions let one discover a similitude to oneself in the fractions of the subject with the emergence of one’s own presence, and re-editing and re-cognization of oneself.

 A very little change in the initial condition alters the support’s expression greatly and unexpectedly even to the artist, appearing as if it was designed by nature, and explores the possibilities in an appreciation through the senses by inviting the viewer to both pleasure and disgust.


buggy. He started his career centered around magazine advertisements in 2006. He manages all of the visuals for conceptual hotel Rock Star Hotel, or the facade of the shop ASOKO in Osaka and Shibuya, while opening group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. He continues to produce works in a wide range of fields, releasing original goods in collaboration with brands and manufacturers. Magazines: VOGUE JAPAN, Numero TOKYO, FIGARO japon, an・an, GLAMOROUS, etc. Advertisements: Yokohama Landmark Tower, ELECOM, etc. Apparel: Marc by marc jacobs, Stella McCartney, UNIQLO, 5351 homme, etc. Others: Rock Star Hotel, ASOKO, The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., Fuji Television Network, Inc., etc.